Review Of The Funk Flamenca Turntable by Hi-Fi Choice

Review - Funk Flamenca

Funk Flamenca

Review Of The Funk Flamenca Turntable by Hi-Fi Choice
T he Funk Firm Flamenca at £850 is the subject of Hi-Fi Choice's review. The review sees the Funk Firm Flamenca awarded a Red Recommended Award by Hi-Fi Choice. In the review they use an Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge in the Flamenca and conclude :-

Looks-wise the Flamenca certainly doesn’t stand out from the crowd as much as some other decks from The Funk Firm’s stable. It only takes a few minutes of hearing it though to know that the Flamenca is blessed with what makes the Funk brand so unique. It’s transparent and airy sound is very inviting and when partnered with the right pick-up to get the best out of its thread bearing arm, you’ll be rewarded with an open window into the music.

Positives were - Open and transparent sound - simple yet clever tonearm design. Negatives were Belt can be fiddly to fit - not for hard-core bass junkies with a final summary of - Deceptively conventional looks hide a turntable of true sonic merit.

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