Review Of The AKG K182 - Closed Back Over Ear Headphones By Performer Mag

Review - AKG K182

AKG K182

Review Of The AKG K182 - Closed Back Over Ear Headphones By Performer Mag
T he AKG K182 headphones, an over ear closed back model and yours for £89 are the subject of this review by Performer Mag. A favourable review too which compares the K182s against the 92s at the end.

■ Positive points for the K182s were :-

Priced right, great sound, great for tracking.

■ On the negative side though the reviewer found :-

Cable is slightly long, and might be tough to find a replacement on the road.

Performer mag sum up the AKG K182s with - AKG highlights the best applications for these as electronic drums, keyboards, studio monitoring and home recording. A set of these work great in these applications, sure, but they’re good enough to track pretty much anything. They’re ultra-comfortable, fairly lightweight, and have excellent clarity and plenty of low-end (more than the K92s).

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