Review KEF X300A - Wireless Speakers By PC Advisor

Review - X300A


Review KEF X300A - Wireless Speakers By PC Advisor
I remember hearing the KEF X300As at the Bristol HiFi Show 2014 playing the third movement of Mahler’s Symphony No 6, a difficult piece for any speaker and of course not one you'd voluntarily choose (as KEF did) by the way. Full marks to KEF though for this choice and full marks to the X300A that coped (fed by just a laptop) with the difficulties of Mahler 6 admirably. PC Advisor take the £800 KEF X300A speakers out for review (4.5 stars by the way) and concludes:-

The takeaway summary is that this is a speaker that plays music so effortlessly, you can listen all day and not grow tired from some niggling edginess or phasey distortion. Music flows smoothly and naturally – and that is a refreshing change for any speaker pitched into the PC speaker market.

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