Review = Polk audio Hinge Wireless Headphones By HDGear

Review - Polk Audio Hinge

Polk Audio Hinge

Review = Polk audio Hinge Wireless Headphones By HDGear
T he Polk Audio Hinge Wireless Headphone is reviewed in both Bluetooth mode and wired mode by HDGear. The Hinge Wireless retails in the US at $199.95. The Hinge Wireless get 4 stars and a "Recommended" award in the review which concludes on the Polk Hinge Wireless :-

With the Hinge Wireless, Polk has produced an excellent and stylish collapsible on-ear Bluetooth headset. It does well with everything I could ask of it, but isn't great to wear when hauling groceries or camera equipment. Otherwise it's quite lifestyle and travel-ready, which is my concern. With both great wireless and wired performance, buyers could potentially use it for a great many other applications beyond mobile.

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