Review - Yamaha R-N500 Streamer By What Hi-Fi

Review - Yamaha R-N500

Yamaha R-N500

Review - Yamaha R-N500 Streamer By What Hi-Fi
D oes Yamaha's new R-N500 justify its billing? - What Hi-Fi has given its verdict. The R-N500's review price was £350. The R-N500 gets 4 stars from the respected reviewer.

Positive points were: Huge, spacious sound - Clear and richly detailed - Smooth presentation - Extensive features - Impressive build quality for the money - Price. Negatives points were: Lacks energy and attack - Could be more agile, precise and dynamic - No Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. In summary, What Hi-Fi says "A likeable all-in-one streaming system that may win you over especially at this price".

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