Review - Yamaha EPH-100 - Earphones By Audio Affair

Review - Yamaha EPH-100 - Earphones

Yamaha EPH-100 - Earphones

Review - Yamaha EPH-100 - Earphones By Audio Affair
A udio Affair review the Yamaha EPH-100 earphones which happen to be their bestselling Earphones. Rather than list one reason why this might be they go on to list 5 reasons starting with :-

(1) Sound Quality – Audio Affair quote :-

They sound fantastic. It is no exaggeration when I say the Yamaha EPH-100s are still the best sounding IEMs we’ve heard under £100 (and far beyond in some instances!) and there is some pretty stiff competition within the price range (and most certainly beyond!) No matter what amazing, award winning earphones appear at this price point, they never quite match the dynamic, intense and clear sound of the EPHs! This sound can mostly be owed to the unique driver design which directs sound straight down the ear canal. Most drivers bounce sound inside the walls of the ear canal, which makes for a less coherent sound.

(2) Build Quality – Seen via the stylishly machined metal housings and absence of plastic.

(3) Robustness – They come with a 2 year warranty and have survived a washing machine cycle (though this is not recommended !)

(4) Value for money at just £69.95 (The R.R.P. is £99.99). This includes a 2 metre extension cable, a jack adaptor and a carry case

(5) Feel and comfort with extended listening times, achieved by four tips and a great size and weight.

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