Review - Yamaha A-S801 Integrated Amp by Canada Hi-Fi

Review - Yamaha A-S801 - Integrated amp

Yamaha A-S801 - Integrated amp

Review - Yamaha A-S801 Integrated Amp by Canada Hi-Fi
A Review of the circa £1,000 Yamaha A-S801 Integrated Amp by Canada Hi-Fi. The Yamaha A-S801 is the most powerful of the A-S Integrated Amp range offering 100 watts per channel as well as the the digital and phono preamp inputs found in all the other models. Canada Hi-Fi sum up the Yamaha A-S801 with :-

The Yamaha was kind to recordings, not showing disadvantage to lower resolution compressed material, yet also demonstrating the superior virtues of better recorded fare with powerful conviction. The headphone output proved no mere afterthought, but a noteworthy performer. That puts this feisty integrated in the enviable position of being technologically advanced, user friendly and sonically superior. You may question the need for its vast arsenal of digital ability, but Yamaha has wisely recognized the shifting movement from hard source music to streaming and digital download. The growing dominance of these sectors, along with the evolution to higher quality recordings validates the forward looking design philosophy embodied in the A-S801, making it near future proof. It will attract based on versatility, but it will please on performance. If you are in the market for a quality two channel integrated that can do justice to just about every musical format, the Yamaha A-S801 is an attractively priced powerhouse that may just be your ultimate statement piece.

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