Review - Tannoy Revolution XT8F Speakers By HomeTheater

Review - Tannoy XT8F

Tannoy XT8F

Review - Tannoy Revolution XT8F Speakers By HomeTheater
T he Tannoy XT8F Speakers - The top of the range floorstander in the three strong Tannoy Revolution speaker range (and yours for £1,300) is taken out for review by HomeTheater HiFi. It's a highly recommended award for the Tannoy XT8F Speakers continuing :-

■ Likes were -

- Low-level resolution
- Lower midrange palpability
- Dynamic get-up-and-go
- Appearance and build quality
- Even midrange/treble dispersion that allows consistent tonality and stable imaging at multiple listening positions

■ Would Likes were :-

- An end to the tyranny of spikes
- A tiny bit more treble refinement
- A dedicated centre channel of similar scale in the Revolution XT line

HomeTheater sum the Tannoy XT8F speakers up with :- "I think the Tannoy Revolution XT 8F fits into the sweet spot of the performance-price curve, and earns a value-for-money bonus for its’ nicely finished cabinet. Few if any similarly-priced speakers offer the Revolution XT 8F’s heady combination of top-notch full-scale sonic performance, attractive design, and excellent build quality. Highly recommended."

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