Review - Spendor D7 Speakers By TAS

Review - Spendor D7

Spendor D7

Review - Spendor D7 Speakers By TAS
T he Spendor D7 - A three way floor standing reflex speaker i.e. no port and yours for £3,495 per pair is reviewed by TAS. They like the Spendor D7 straight out of the box (large boxes that is !). TAS also enjoy the energy in the bass heard in the Spendor D7 going down to 30 Hz and the generous sized sweet spot. Going on to draw comparisons between the Spendor D7s and both the Dali Rubicon 6 and Wilson Audio Sabrina speakers, they conclude :-

In the last few months, my listening room has welcomed a bonanza of medium-sized floor standers from the Wilson Sabrina and Dali Rubicon 6 to the Vandersteen Treo CT. It’s a tribute to the Spendor D7 that it competes aggressively in this vaunted company. Indeed it’s the rare loudspeaker at any price that touches all the bases for every set of ears. But the reasonably priced D7 came very close in many areas. I’ve always liked high-end gear that wears its musicality on its sleeve, and the Spendor D7 doesn’t hold back—not a whit. It’s a speaker that should be high on everyone’s short list to audition.

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