Review - Samsung R5 - Wireless Speaker By AV Forums

Review - Samsung R5

Samsung R5

Review - Samsung R5 - Wireless Speaker By AV Forums
A V Forums has reviewed Samsung's R5 wireless speaker. The R5's review price was £364.99. The R5 gets 8 out of 10 from the respected reviewer. The Strong and weak points prove very similar to AV Forums’ Samsung R3 review ( the next model down) in :-

■ Strong points for the R5 were: Excellent sound quality - No sweet spot - Effective multirotor app - Easy to setup and control.

■ Weak points for the R5 were: Loss of stereo separation.

AV Forums summarises the R5 as "The Samsung R5 proved to be a great all-round wireless speaker that delivered a lovely sound for a decent price. It was large enough to produce an open room-filling sound and its omni-directional design eliminated the sweet spot, producing audio that was tonally balanced wherever you were in the room. Whilst the nature of its design means that the R5 does lose a sense of stereo separation, it proves ideal for the way that many people listen to music these days.".

You can read the complete - AV Forums - Samsung R5 - wireless speaker review via the first of the yellow buttons below.

HiFi Enthusiast also has more on all the latest from Samsung, including the Samsung R5, via the second of the yellow buttons below :-

Finally the third link has more reviews of Samsung products, including takes on other models in the Samsung R range such as the R1 and R3.

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