Review - Samsung R1 - Wireless Speaker By Trusted Reviews

Review - Samsung R1

Samsung R1

Review - Samsung R1 - Wireless Speaker By Trusted Reviews
T rusted Reviews has reviewed Samsung's R1. The R1's review price was £169.95. The venerable Speakers reviewer Trusted Reviews has given the R1 wireless speaker - 8 out of 10.

■ The main positives are:

- Compact upright design
- Superb smartphone app with most music services
- Powerful omnidirectional sound.

■ The main negatives are:

- Loses composure at high volumes
- No OLED display
- No TIDAL or SoundCloud.

Trusted Reviews sums the R1 up as :-

"Samsung's entry-level multiroom speaker is stylish, easy to use and bursting with features, while clever Ring Radiator tech delivers powerful and detailed sound wherever you are in the room.".

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