Review - Rega DAC-R USB DAC By The Stereophile

Review - Rega DAC-R

Rega DAC-R

Review - Rega DAC-R USB DAC By The Stereophile
T he Rega DAC-R a USB DAC is reviewed by The Stereophile. They note the warm analogue sound and In a two page review conclude favourably on the Rega DAC-R with :-

At $1,195, the Rega Research DAC-R sits at the centre of what I consider the sweet spot of price: $1,000, plus or minus a few C-notes. Rega has spent enough in R&D to get the most cost-effective use of solid engineering, careful design, and parts choice, without passing the point of diminishing returns. The things it doesn't do include headphone listening, DSD, and volume control, yet the DAC-R is clearly well built, with money spent in all the right places to fulfil its single purpose: to convert a PCM DataStream into an analogue stream.

A couple years ago, when I first auditioned the Rega DAC, I noted its heavier bottom end and thicker sound compared to everything else I then had on hand. I feel that the new DAC-R is similarly voiced, but has moved in the right direction, especially when used via USB—which makes it a very pleasing choice for listening to music.

If you have $1,195 to spend and prefer your digital music with a slight bit of warmth, but without losing any of a recording's details, the Rega DAC-R is a DAC for your short list—especially since you can tune those filters.

You can read the entire Stereophile - Rega DAC-R USB DAC review via the first of the links below.

HiFi Enthusiast also has more on the Rega DAC-R and all the latest from Rega via the second :-

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