Review - Rega DAC-R - USB DAC - by ToneAudio

Review - Rega DAC-R

Rega DAC-R

Review - Rega DAC-R - USB DAC - by ToneAudio
U S Reviewer take a look at the £598 Rega DAC-R an upgraded version of the well-reviewed Rega DAC and ask the question that a Hifi enthusiast will want answered - is it better ? Their conclusion is :-

Because the original model is an excellent product, buyers will ask themselves the eternal question: “Should I upgrade?” The answer in this case is an unqualified yes. Rega’s new DAC-R is better in every parameter. And it’s amazing that the company only upped the price by $100. Mistakenly, I was under the assumption that the new DAC-R carried a price tag of $1,795—but when I found out that it’s only $1,195, I was quick to give it an Exceptional Value Award.

You can read Toneaudio complete Rega DAC-R review and find out the areas where it improves on the original Rega DAC via the first link below.

HiFi enthusiast has more on the Rega DAC-R and the latest products from Rega via the second link :-

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