Review - Rega Aria Phono Stage By What Hi-Fi

Review - Rega Aria

Rega Aria

Review - Rega Aria Phono Stage By What Hi-Fi
T he Rega Aria Phono stage is the subject of a review by What Hi-Fi. The Rega Aria's price at the time of the review was £800. All in all What Hi-Fi feel that the Rega Aria merits the full 5 stars and continue with :-

■ Positive points for the Rega Aria were :-

Insight, excellent dynamics and rhythmic ability
Plenty of punch combined with subtlety
MC loading adjustments

■ Negative points for the Rega Aria were simply :-

Nothing of note (fair praise)

What Hi-Fi sum up the Rega Aria with :-

"The Aria is a terrific phono stage, capable of class-leading results as long of the rest of the system is up to scratch"

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