Review - REL T Series Of Subwoofers By Richer Sounds

Review - Rel T Series of Subwoofers

Rel T Series of Subwoofers

Review - REL T Series Of Subwoofers By Richer Sounds
T he REL T series of subwoofers is reviewed by Richer Sounds. There are 5 models in the T series starting from the T zero and finishing at the T7. Richer Sounds also take a look at the I versions of the T5 and T7 and point out that two REL T zeros could be put together with two satellite speakers to create a discrete but powerful and of course full range 'new' stereo speaker pair.

You can read the complete Richer Sounds REL T Series - Subwoofer review via the first of the links below.

Alternatively - HiFi Enthusiast has more on all the latest reviews of REL subwoofers via the second link below :-

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