Review - PMC Twenty.26 Speakers by Hi-Fi Plus

Review - PMC twenty.26

PMC twenty.26

Review - PMC Twenty.26 Speakers by Hi-Fi Plus
A review of the PMC Twenty.26 Speakers by Hi-Fi Plus. The Twent.26 is the largest floor standing model in the PMC Twenty series range. The comprehensive review , which spans three pages, and compares the PMC Twenty.26 against the more costly PMC fact.12 concludes about the PMC Twenty 26 speakers :-

This is unquestionably a superb loudspeaker, with the sort of restrained and laid back balance that ensures that it will never become aggressive even with loud music. It can become a little untidy when loud, revealing plenty of power handling but also minor timing limitations compared with the fact.12. However, at any normal level it’s beautifully balanced, with ample bass weight and an excellent dynamic range. PMC’s Twenty series has proved to be its most commercially successful to date. With models like the Twenty.26 in that range, it’s not hard to see why! Highly Recommended.

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