Review - PMC Twenty 5.1 Speaker System By Home-Cinema Choice

Review - PMC Twenty.Sub

PMC Twenty.Sub

Review - PMC Twenty 5.1 Speaker System By Home-Cinema Choice
T he ( £12,500 approx ) PMC Twenty Series 5.1 speaker system is reviewed by Home-Cinema Choice. The PMC speaker system under review here consists of two Twenty 26s as left right front speakers, two Twenty 23s as left right rear speakers, a PMC Twenty C as centre and a PMC Twenty Sub for subwoofer duties. It’s 4.5 stars for this PMC Twenty 5,1 speaker system,

Strong points for the PMC Twenty 5.1 speaker system were :- Smooth, even-handed and clear delivery; slender form factor; great for music; excellent centre speaker, Negatives were - Not the most stylish cabinets around; subwoofer more fluid than frightening. Overall the conclusion is :-

The styling of the Twenty Series isn't really to my tastes, and I'd hope for an extra level of unabashed slam from the subwoofer, but otherwise this a supremely accomplished premium speaker setup. PMC's devotion to utter clarity and even-handed delivery works wonders with music and movies too – turning bold multichannel mixes into works of art. Audition if you like the finer things in life.

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