Review - Naim Mu-So - Wireless Multiroom Speaker By CNet

Review - Naim Muso

Naim Muso

Review - Naim Mu-So - Wireless Multiroom Speaker By CNet
U S reviewer CNet gives an across the pond take on a UK HiFi product the Naim Mu-So ($ 1,499/£895) and then, for good measure, goes onto look at alternatives - one of which is from US based Klipsch's - the RP-160M wireless speakers. Starting first with the Naim Mu-So CNet love the build quality but when it comes to the "rubber meeting the road" aspect of sound quality, they have reservations concluding :-

Mu-so is only so-so. Midrange and treble are very present, although a little too bright for me. As for stereo separation, there's some, and that's the best way to describe it. Mu-so can play fairly loud, but sounds best played at a more moderate volume.

Interestingly though they mention the fact that their local dealer in the US is finding that customers love the Naim Mu-So and are coming back for more Mu-Sos to go in other rooms of the house.

The rest of the review looks at alternatives (and in CNet's opinion) better alternatives to the Naim Mu-So. They mention two -the Klipsch Reference Premiere RP160M bookshelf speakers paired with a NAD C316BEE integrated amp (not very wireless or compact though !) and Dynaudio Xeo speakers.

You can read the complete CNet - Naim Mu-So review via the first of the links below.

HiFi Enthusiast has more on the latest from Naim - including both the Naim Mu-So and Naim Mu-So QB, via the second of the yellow buttons below :-

HiFi Enthusiast also has more takes on the Naim Mu-So and Naim Mu-So QB, via the third of the yellow buttons below :-

The fourth bottom has more info on the Klipsch Reference Series of speakers, including the RP-160M s.

Finally then, the fifth link has more info on the Dynaudio Xeo speakers.


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