Review - Naim 250 DR Power Amp By Audio Affair

Review - Naim DR Power Amps

Naim DR Power Amps

Review - Naim 250 DR Power Amp By Audio Affair
A udio Affair go through the history of the Naim NAP 250 DR - (Naim’s most popular power amp of all time) going right back to the “Jurassic” period of HiFi (1971) and the 250 DR's originations in the NAP 160 and NAP 200. There's pictures of all 3 incarnations of the NAP 250, mention that Naim prices are going up on 1st May 2016 and sum up the Naim NAP 250 DR's sound quality with :-

We (Audio Affair) have had the pleasure of trying out every variation of the 250, and the sound really hasn’t changed. Although, that’s almost certainly because it hasn’t needed to change! When the 250 first appeared, it became an instant classic (and likely blew everyone’s mind in the process). Its delicate yet robust handling of sound became associated with the Naim brand, ultimately becoming what was known as the ‘Naim sound’ that other units bear too.

The NAP 250 DR's sound is fast, expressive and wonderfully simple and clean. Energetic without being overwhelming, and wonderfully bold and warm. It hasn’t lost what makes it special, and it has remained the apple of many audiophile’s eye ever since.

They also comment on the next model up the NAP 300 DR vs the NAP 250 DR - (incrementally better but an awful lot of money more for this incremental improvement !).

You can read the complete - Audio Affair - Naim NAP 250 DR - power amp review via the first of the yellow buttons below.

HiFi Enthusiast also has more on all the latest from Naim - including the Naim NAP 250 DR and the 300 DR and even 500 DR, via the second of the yellow buttons below :-

Finally the third link has more reviews of Naim products:-

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