Review - Moon Neo 330A Power Amp By SoundStage

Review - Moon 330A

Moon 330A

Review - Moon Neo 330A Power Amp By SoundStage
T he Moon Neo 330A Stereo Power Amplifier , yours for £2,850 is the subject of this review from Soundstage. The reviewer is impressed concluding with :-

Magnificent and palatial soundstages, coupled with neutrality, made the Simaudio Moon Neo 330A’s sound in my system wonderful to behold. Its combination of high-quality electronic parts, high precision of construction, manufacturer reputation, and ten-year warranty, sexy looks -- and, most important, its beautiful reproduction of every recording I played through it, regardless of musical genre, pace, or playback volume -- easily exceeded all of my needs.

When the Moon Neo 330A arrived, I wondered if it would impress me as much as had the Moon Neo 350P. It did -- and more.

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