Review - Metrum Acoustics Pavanne DAC By Hi-Fi Plus

Review - Metrum Acoustics Pavane

Metrum Acoustics Pavane

Review - Metrum Acoustics Pavanne DAC By Hi-Fi Plus
T he Metrum Acoustics Pavane DAC £3,849 is reviewed by Hi-Fi Plus. As they say Metrum do DACs their own way and all Metrum DACs are NOS DACs (NOS stands for no oversampling and oversampling is thought to introduce pre and post ringing effects leading to digital listening fatigue). Hi-Fi Plus enjoy the Pavane's sound concluding :-

Hopefully I have given some idea of the Metrum’s abilities to beguile the listener. But it’s worth mentioning that the Metrum Pavanne DAC is also extremely resolute. Few converters can deliver fine detail better at the price, reverb, therefore, is very well served, and this DAC provides excellent depth and scale of image. This is something that became obvious with James Blake’s ‘The Wilhelm Scream’ [James Blake, R&S], which really came into its own with the Pavane. It normally sounds good, room filling, and impressive, but it often doesn’t reach out and grab you so effectively.

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