Review - Marantz M-CR611 Mini System By What Hi-Fi

Review - Marantz MCR611

Marantz MCR611

Review - Marantz M-CR611 Mini System By What Hi-Fi
T he Marantz M-CR611 Melody all-in-one system is reviewed by What Hi-Fi. The Marantz M-CR611 is priced at £500. Does the M-CR611 deliver an improvement on its award winning predecessor, the M-CR610? is the Question they ask :-

In short What Hi-Fi are not convinced and gives the newest Marantz system a 4-star rating, out of 5.

Functionality wise the M-CR611 plays CDs and streams music up to hi-res 24-bit/192kHz from networked devices. It also offers Bluetooth with NFC and Spotify Connect functionality, alongside two USB inputs for connecting an Apple device or USB stick, an analogue in and two digital optical inputs.

■ The positive features are:-

Great functionality, smooth and forgiving, large scale and clean sound.

■ Negative features are:-

A little too laid back dynamically and lacks attack

What Hi-Fi's final conclusion on the Marantz M-CR611 is that it is a tempting all-in-one box of tricks, but it needs more attack to win us over.

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