Review - Kudos X3 Speaker By Canada Hi-Fi

Review - X3


Review - Kudos X3 Speaker By Canada Hi-Fi
T he Kudos X3 floor standing speakers are reviewed by Canada Hi-Fi. So do the Kudos X3 speakers have Kudos and live up to the ancient Greek translation of the company name "praise for exceptional achievement" ?

Canada Hi-Fi concur with a Kudos X3 conclusion of :-

The Kudos X3s are - Quick, dynamic, punchy, vibrant, exciting and as I said earlier, addictive, is how I might encapsulate the Kudos Audio X3 loudspeaker. Listen to small ensemble jazz, acoustic rock or your favourite vocalist and you will be sucked into the listening experience – this is where I feel the X3 particularly shines. That said the X3 does justice to a wide range of music, from classical right through to alternative; though perhaps not the best for metal and hip-house. I found that music was relayed with a distinct energy by the X3 that made an impression that once heard was hard to forget. They may not be the last word on top end finesse or bottom end grunt but the Kudos X3 nails the fundamentals and communicates music in an exhilarating manner. At its price of $4,579 there are many other capable speakers to choose from; however, the X3 delivers such a vivacious and unique experience, it demands an audition.

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