Review - Kef MUO Speakers By The Telegraph

Review - KEF MUO Speakers

KEF MUO Speakers

Review - Kef MUO Speakers By The Telegraph
T he KEF Muo wireless speaker is the subject of a review in the luxury section of the Telegraph. The KEF Muo's price at the time of the review was £300. The reviewer believes that wireless speakers are the future and covers HiFi companies making wireless speakers currently and the basic features of the KEF MUO.

Not much on sound quality other than to say that the KEF MUO sounds like proper Hi-Fi !

You can read the complete - Telegraph - KEF MUO - Wireless speaker review via the first of the yellow buttons below.

HiFi Enthusiast also has more on all the latest from KEF - including details from the launch of the KEF MUO, via the second of the yellow buttons below :-

Finally the third link has more reviews of KEF speakers and headphones, including other takes on the KEF MUO :-


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