Review - KEF M100 - In-Ear Headphones By TechAdvisor

Review - KEF M 100 Headphones

KEF M 100 Headphones

Review - KEF M100 - In-Ear Headphones By TechAdvisor
T he Kef M100 In-Ear Headphones are positively reviewed by TechAdvisor. The reviewer finds that the M100 headphones offer excellent build quality, a lightweight comfortable design combined with nicely balanced and crisp sound performance. They're also seen as good value being not as pricey as expected, going for £119, making them a solid choice for a pair of in-ear headphones.

That lightweight design (just 18g) and the angular design combine to make a comfortable experience. Kef calling the driver full-range means it can deliver frequencies from 20Hz all the way up to 20KHz – in other words the hearing range of a human being.

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