Review - KEF LS50 Speakers By AVForums

Review - Kef LS50

Kef LS50

Review - KEF LS50 Speakers By AVForums
A V Forums has reviewed KEF's LS50 speakers. The LS50's price at the time of the review was £800.00. The reviewer asks the question how do the LS50s measure up against the Blades ? The LS50’s score of 9 out of 10 from AV Forums probably goes a long way to answering this one – continuing :-.

The main positives are: Wonderful midrange performance - Excellent integration - Handsome looks. The LS50's weaknesses were its: Dependency on decent partnering equipment - No dedicated stand - Not terribly sensitive. AV Forums's summary of the LS50 is "The KEF LS50 has been on sale for a little while now and I have heard it in passing at various shows and events. I had never truly managed to get a complete handle on the LS50 despite being reasonably impressed with what I heard. I was a little sceptical of the claimed tie in with the Blades at more than twenty times the price but the little KEF has made more sense in its relationship to the other flagships than I expected. The LS50 resolves beautifully and matches this with tonal accuracy and cohesion that is truly outstanding for less than £1,000 but just as importantly, it does all this with a sense of energy life and sheer entertainment that is quite its own.".

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