Review - Heed Thesis Range By What Hi-Fi

Review - Heed Thesis Range

Heed Thesis Range

Review - Heed Thesis Range By What Hi-Fi
W hat Hi-Fi test all five boxes from the Heed Thesis range - That's the alpha preamp (£2650) with its optional power supply (£1500) driving a pair of omega monobloc power amplifiers - £2100 each – plus the £1,600 phi moving magnet/moving coil phono preamp. The whole 5 Thesis boxes sets you back £8350. Overall the Heed Thesis range has earned just 3 stars from What Hi-Fi.

Positive points for Thesis were: Cohesive and organised presentation - Rhythmically surefooted - Good attack. Key weaknesses were seen as: High price - Lacks the transparency we expect at this price - DAC module not great. What Hi-Fi's summary of the Thesis is "A likeable combo, but the lack of finesse and the price make it hard to recommend".

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