Review - Focal Aria 905 Speakers By Hi-Fi Plus

Review - Focal Aria Range

Focal Aria Range

Review - Focal Aria 905 Speakers By Hi-Fi Plus
T he Focal Aria 905 Bookshelf or Stand mounted 2 way speakers are reviewed by HiFi Plus. These come in at £600 for black and £699 for cherry (pictured). Hi-Fi Plus awards the Focal Aria 905 speakers a highly recommended commendation concluding:-

The more music I played on the focal Aria 905s, the more I enjoyed them. The combination of technologies gels perfectly to produce a sound that is very revealing and coherent for the price. It warrants decent ancillaries but works well with those at its price point. At last I seem to have found an affordable Focal that I like and I think you will too. Highly recommended.

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