Review - Epos K1 Speakers By TAS

Review - Epos K1 speakers

Epos K1 speakers

Review - Epos K1 Speakers By TAS
A mini review (linking to the full review) of the £399 Epos K1 bookshelf or stand mounted speakers as part of TAS's affordable product of the year 2014 awards speaker section. Needless to say then they like the Epos K1 speakers seeing them as :-

The crisp and classy Epos K1 is the smallest of the British brand Epos’s newly minted and very affordable three-model K Series. This two-way compact embodies the values every audiophile on a budget is seeking with a sonic character that’s open, dynamically engaging, and tonally the better part of neutral.

You can read the complete TAS - Epos K1 review via the first of the links below :-

HiFi Enthusiast has more info on the Epos K1 speakers and the larger K2's and K3's via the second link below :-

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