Review - Devialet Phantom Speaker by 9to5Mac

Review - Devialet Phantom

Devialet Phantom

Review - Devialet Phantom Speaker by 9to5Mac
D evialet's Phantom Bluetooth Speaker is reviewed by 9to5Mac. The reviewer states: "Phantom is essentially a complete, top-quality, room-filling hi-fi system in an extremely compact single unit. That’s a truly amazing achievement, even for $2,000."

If strong bass is what your looking for, you can not go wrong with the Phantom. The bass range begins at 16Hz and goes up to 25kHz - providing the opportunity to receive some major bass sound.

The Phantom is a mono Bluetooth speaker so connecting to your device is simply done through Settings. You also have the choose of a wired connection, as there are both Ethernet and TOSLINK ports available.

From its clever packaging, simple one power button through to the incredible sound you receive, the Devialet Phantom offers a powerful and functional Bluetooth speaker at a great bargain.

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