Review - Devialet Phantom - Wireless Streaming Speaker by

Review - Devialet Phantom

Devialet Phantom

Review - Devialet Phantom - Wireless Streaming Speaker by
T he Devialet Phantom - Wireless Streaming Speaker is reviewed by After dealing with the correct pronunciation of Devialet - (duv’-ē-a-lay) they then go onto award the Phantom 9/10. They like the HiFi Sound Quality from a tiny toaster of a speaker and the wireless ness of it all. Against is the $2,000 cost per speaker. They conclude on the Devialet Phantom :-

Does the Phantom sound as good as an Editor’s Choice $50,000 stereo system, featuring a gaggle of components, oxygen-free python cables, and monolith speakers? No. But the disparity isn’t a chasm; it’s more like a small gap. What can be said with certainty is this: The Phantom is a technological tour de force. There’s no other system on the market that puts out this kind of sound for this kind of money.

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