Review - Devialet Phantom - Wireless Streaming Speaker by Hi-Fi Choice

Review - Devialet Phantom

Devialet Phantom

Review - Devialet Phantom - Wireless Streaming Speaker by Hi-Fi Choice
T he Devialet Phantom speaker is reviewed by Hi-Fi Choice. They are impressed awarding the Phantom an Editor's Choice award and 5 stars all round. There's an interesting comparison against competitor products from Naim and Dynaudio where Hi-Fi Choice sum up :-

At £895, Naim’s one-box mu-so offers a range of streaming options including aptX, AirPlay and UPnP alongside digital and analogue inputs, outputted through a Class D amp and dual three-way internal speaker system. The mu-so images well for a compact unit, albeit on a smaller scale than that of the Phantoms. For a more full-sized stereo experience, look to Dynaudio’s active Xeo range starting at £1,775 for the standmount Xeo 4, or £2,925 for the Xeo 6 tower. Both feature inbuilt Class D amps, room EQ settings and wireless streaming via a lightweight hub, and include analogue inputs.

The summary for the Devialet Phantom is :-

Despite the lifestyle branding, the Silver Phantom is a genuine hi-fi proposition that’s firmly rooted in high-end audio. What’s more, as a complete music system that comes fully loaded with Devialet’s latest technology and wi-fi streaming to boot, it’s also exceptional value, especially given you could start with a single unit and add a second Phantom as funds permit. And pair them up you should, as being configured in stereo takes them up to the next level in the audio stakes, with a sound that’s open, full bodied and blessed with a bass quantity and quality that really pushes the boundaries of what you’d expect from a compact system

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