Review - Devialet Ensemble - Three Box HiFi System By Soundstage

Review - Devialet Ensemble

Devialet Ensemble

Review - Devialet Ensemble - Three Box HiFi System By Soundstage
T he Devialet Ensemble system is reviewed by US reviewer Soundstage. The Devialet Ensemble system is seen as being entry level at £6,200 into the world of Devialet consisting of the first of Devialet's streamer / amps the 120 and a pair of Atohm GT1 speakers. Devialet have used their SAM (Speaker Activity Matching) system to optimise the 120's bass output to the Atohm GT1 speakers. Soundstage are suitably impressed with the Devialet Ensemble system and conclude :-

The beauty of Devialet’s Ensemble system is that you can have truly excellent sound in a small, décor-friendly package for under $10,000 and with no effort. That’s a unique value proposition that I believe will bring Devialet great success.

You can read the entire Soundstage - Devialet Ensemble review via the first of the links below.

HiFi Enthusiast has more on the Devialet Ensemble, the 120 to 500 streamer amps from Devialet and the Phantom - via the second link :-

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