Review - Devialet 200 and 400 - Integrated amp and Streamer by TAS

Review - Devialet 200

Devialet 200

Review - Devialet 200 and 400 - Integrated amp and Streamer by TAS
T he Devialet 200 One box Integrated amp and streamer is reviewed by the well-respected US On-line reviewer TAS. There's two reviews for the price of one here as they go onto connect up a second Companion Devialet 200 (a slightly cut down Devialet 200) to run two Devialet 200s in dual mono mode a configuration known as the Devialet 400. TAS are well used to reviewing (and the sound quality of) very high end HiFi components, but are quite blown away by the Devialet 200/400 concluding:-

The Devialet 200 is one remarkable component; its hybrid Class A/D amplifier, innovative software-controlled architecture, advanced features, and genre-bending shape and operation are unique. But the 200 is more than a just technological wonder—its sound quality is in many ways superb. The 200’s bass authority, dynamic impact, soundstage transparency and dimensionality, and transient speed far exceed expectations for an under-$10k integrated amplifier/wireless streaming DAC. The upper mid-range and treble are a bit on the incisive side, a character that can be tamed with the 200’s tone controls or ideal loudspeaker matching.

The outstanding performance was catapulted into another realm by running a pair of 200s in mono. The monoblock 200s not only improved upon the best qualities heard in stereo operation, but more significantly, ameliorated my reservations about the treble. Surprisingly, mono operation rendered a more refined presentation by virtue of the greater midrange liquidity and a significantly smoother and more relaxed high end.

The Devialet 200/400 is, by a wide margin, the most advanced, flexible, and technically sophisticated audio product I’ve reviewed. It may look like a lifestyle product, but underneath the 200/400 is a serious piece of audiophile hardware. It’s a compelling package that just happens to sound great, too.

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