Review - Devialet 200 - By Stereotimes

Review - Devialet 200

Devialet 200

Review - Devialet 200 - By Stereotimes
T he Devialet 200 (£5,490) (now a part of Devialet’s expert range) and an integrated amp, streamer USB DAC and phono stage all in one - is taken out for review by the very experienced – Stereotimes. The review is highly favourable and introduces the idea of a Devialet 200 owner suffering from “empty rack syndrome” - a need to replace the empty shelves that the Devialet 200 makes possible with more HiFi units. As they say you could upgrade to a Devialet 400 leaving one less empty shelf :-The conclusion on the Devialet 200 is :-

While I acknowledge it might be possible to assemble a better sounding system of separate components for the same or less money, I have to confess that I was not able to do that. After many years of effort and at a greater expense, I was not able to assemble a system that outperformed the Devialet 200. The Devialet 200 equalled or exceeded all my musical requirements with the exception of that missing “tube magic” that no solid-state amplifier I know of has ever captured. Devialet is not for everybody, as I was informed by my tube-loving audiophile buddies. They acknowledged the many attributes of the Devialet, but in the end it was no-sale (for the tube buddies). I get that judgement entirely. I love the sound of tubes. It is the size, heat, and uncertainty principle I have issues with. The uncertainty being, are all my tubes ok?

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