Review - Cyrus Stereo 200 - Power Amp by Hi-Fi Plus

Review - Cyrus Stereo 200

Cyrus Stereo 200

Review - Cyrus Stereo 200 - Power Amp by Hi-Fi Plus
T he Cyrus Stereo 200 - Power Amp £1,750 is reviewed by Hi-Fi Plus. The reviewer notes that Class D power amps have historically been dismissed by the HiFi Enthusiast community but feels with the Cyrus Stereo 200 this should no longer continue - concluding :-

I think Cyrus has nailed Class D with the 200 power amplifier. I’ve heard my fair share of Cyrus amplifiers in my time, and this is one that is at least up there with the best. But more than that, the Cyrus 200 is an important amplifier, because it shows what Class D can do without costing a small fortune. While I’ve ‘banged on’ about Class D here (partly because the technology still has to justify its place in the audiophile hierarchy), I suspect most people who hear this amp will simply buy it because it sounds damn good. Highly recommended.

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