Review - Cyrus Phono Signature By What Hi-Fi

Review - Cyrus Phono Signature

Cyrus Phono Signature

Review - Cyrus Phono Signature By What Hi-Fi
A new review of the Cyrus Phono Signature/PSX-R2 (the PSX-R2 is an add on power supply) from Cyrus by What Hi-Fi. The Cyrus Phono Signature/PSX-R2's review price was £1,900. Overall the Cyrus Phono Signature/PSX-R2 has earned 5 stars from What Hi-Fi.

■ Strong points for the Cyrus Phono Signature/PSX-R2 were:

- A balanced and insightful sound
- Expressive dynamics
- Clean and crisp sound
- Rhythmically surefooted
- Flexible
- Remote adjustment of cartridge loading.

■ The main negatives are:

- Poorly marked remote for this application
- Display contrast is poor off axis
- Front panel buttons feel vague.

What Hi-Fi sums the Cyrus Phono Signature/PSX-R2 up with "A Phono Signature used solo is great. In combination with the PSX-R2 it's significantly better. This is a top class phono stage".

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