Review - Cyrus Phono Signature By The Audiophileman

Review - Cyrus Phono Signature

Cyrus Phono Signature

Review - Cyrus Phono Signature By The Audiophileman
T he Cyrus Phono Signature - phono stage (and yours for £1,200) is reviewed by The Audiophileman. In the review the Cyrus Phono Signature is reviewed on its own and then with the addition of an optional power supply the Cyrus PSX-R2 (Yours for £695). The Cyrus Phono Signature gets an 8 score from Audiophileman and a "Groovy" award. Think it's fair to say that the reviewer doesn't like the user interface found in the Phono Signature but loves the sound quality as :-

■ Good points are: detail, balanced output, flexibility, compact

■ Bad points are : aged interface

All in all the conclusion is :-

Despite the rather antiquated interface (it’s not a case of ‘if it ain’t broke’, it’s a case of better options being available, Cyrus needs to look into this immediately) the sound quality of the Signature is immediate, detailed and offers welcome delicacy in balanced mode while the external power supply is an essential upgrade when funds allow.

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