Review - Creek Evolution 100A Integrated Amp By The Stereophile

Review - Creek Audio 100A

Creek Audio 100A

Review - Creek Evolution 100A Integrated Amp By The Stereophile
A view from across the pond on the Creek Evolution 100A integrated amp from the Stereophile. The Stereophile like the Creek 100A and are left wondering how complex (or expensive !) an enjoyable to listen to HiFi system really needs to be. Their conclusion on the Creek 100A is :-

While the Creek Evolution 100A didn't elevate my perceptions of the music to magicke level with every pair of speakers or headphones I tried, it always did everything that I need an integrated amp to do. It consistently reproduced the recordings I love in a straightforward, exciting, satisfying way that made their invention and humanity easily accessible. In fact, the 100A's greatest virtue was how consistently and vigorously it exposed the intentions of the artists behind the music. Like my venerable Creek 4330, the new Evolution 100A should enable any unpretentious audiophile to dance and sing and insightfully enjoy the musical arts for years—and decades—to come.

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