Review - Creek Evolution 100A - Integrated Amp By TAS

Review - Creek Audio 100A

Creek Audio 100A

Review - Creek Evolution 100A - Integrated Amp By TAS
T he Creek Audio 100A integrated amp, yours for £1,499, is the subject of a review by the TAS. The 100 A is upgradable via the addition of a DAC board the Ruby DAC, the Sequel 2 phono stage, and the Ambit tuner board which gives the 100 A FM/AM radio reception capabilities. The review unequally pairs the 100A against much more expensive speakers such as Wilson Sabrina, the Spendor S7, and the Vandersteen Quattro Treo CT. Even so the reviewer finds that the 100A is rock solid and stable across the frequency range, even driving these speakers - concluding :-

High-end doctrine dictates that we eventually aspire to à la carte audio—hand-selected-and-prepared component separates. It’s a bit of nose-in-the-air snobbery that many of us succumb to at some point. I know I have. However, when you allow yourself to fully experience music reproduction as we all innocently did when we first got into the high end, you more fully appreciate what a compact, nicely sorted-out amp like the Evolution 100A accomplishes. The Creek Evolution 100A reminds us of just how satisfying ordering up a single classic entrée can be. A tasty product that will keep you coming back for more.

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