Review - Bryston Mini T Speakers By ToneAudio

Review - Bryston Mini T

Bryston Mini T

Review - Bryston Mini T Speakers By ToneAudio
T he Bryston Mini T speakers, a book shelf / stand mounted speaker which retails at $3,200 are reviewed by ToneAudio. ToneAudio are initially a bit sceptical about being able to generate enough power from the speakers given their low 86 DB sensitivity. In the end they successfully drive them with 20 watts per channel from an iFi Retro valve amp and conclude :-

For just over three grand, this company, well known for their electronics, has produced a winning loudspeaker. We are very happy to give them one of our Exceptional Value Awards for 2015. If you’re speaker shopping, stop by your nearest Bryston dealer with a few of your favourite tracks.

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