Review - Auralic Aries Mini - Streamer By DAR

Review - Auralic Aries Mini

Auralic Aries Mini

Review - Auralic Aries Mini - Streamer By DAR
T he Auralic Aries Mini (yours for £375) is reviewed by DAR. DAR approaches the Auralic Aries Mini from the perspective of looking for something better than Sonos and perhaps to rival the Logitech Squeezebox Touch (unfortunately long discontinued). The review also sees them use a Linear Power Supply Unit from Auralic to improve the power supply. The Aries Mini is a streamer and DAC section so can be plugged into an amplifier in an existing HiFi system to offer streaming capabilities. DAR sees their first to objectives achieved (for those that remember the Logitech Squeezebox Touch). They then go onto compare the Aries Mini DAC section (powered by the Linear PSU) against the Multibit Bifrost from Schiit and even the Chord Mojo, which just goes to show there are upgrade routes for the Aries Mini, via an external DAC ! DAR concludes with :-

The AURALiC Aries Mini aces them all on sound quality (Squeezebox and Sonos that is), availability (Vis a Vis the Squeezebox Touch) and connectivity whilst finessing the package with features that Sonos should have added to their Connect (formerly ZP90) aeons ago but didn’t. Sonos audiophile-space loss is AURALiC’s gain. Put simply: for iOS users the Aries Mini is a truly wonderful entry-level streamer.

They do note that the Auralic App for the Aries Mini Streamer currently only works on iOS Apple devices. Auralic offer more info about this in the first of the review comments :-

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