Review - Audiolab M-DAC+ - USB DAC And Digital Preamp By What Hi-Fi

Review - Audiolab M-DAC+

Audiolab M-DAC+

Review - Audiolab M-DAC+ - USB DAC And Digital Preamp By What Hi-Fi
A new review of the M-DAC+ from Audiolab by What Hi-Fi. The M-DAC Plus's review price was £800. The M-DAC Plus gets the full 5 stars from the respected reviewer. The MDAC+ is an upgraded and more costly version of the award winning MDAC.

■ Strong points for the M-DAC Plus were: Extensive spec - Fine build and finish - Organised, tidy and expansive listen.

■ Negatives points were: A touch more attack would make it even better.

What Hi-Fi summarises the M-DAC Plus as "The Audiolab M-DAC+ gets an awful lot right – so much, in fact, it comfortably justifies its + designation. Lavishly detailed, fastidiously organised and elegantly straight-edged in its sound, it absolutely demands an audition.

You can read What Hi-Fi - Audiolab M-DAC+ - USB DAC and Digital Preamp review via the first of the yellow buttons below.

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