Review - Audiolab 8300CD - CD Player By What Hi-Fi

Review - Audiolab 8300 Range

Audiolab 8300 Range

Review - Audiolab 8300CD - CD Player By What Hi-Fi
T he Audiolab 8300CD - CD Player is reviewed by What Hi-Fi. The 8300 is Audiolab's successor to the highly acclaimed 8200 CD player. The 8300CD's price at the time of the review was £1,000. The venerable CD players reviewer What Hi-Fi has given the 8300CD 4 stars.

The 8300CD's assets were its: Refined and detailed sound - Convincing tonality - Impressive connectivity - File compatibility - Sturdy build and fine finish. Key weaknesses were seen as: Sound lacks a bit of verve. What Hi-Fi sums the 8300CD up as "The 8300CD is an improvement, but loses a bit of the original's magic too".
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