Review - Acoustic Energy AE101 Speakers By AV Forums

Review - Acoustic Energy Series 1

Acoustic Energy Series 1

Review - Acoustic Energy AE101 Speakers By AV Forums
A V Forums gives the AE101 speakers from Acoustic Energy the once over in a new review. The AE101's price at the time of the review was £250.00. Overall the AE101 has earned 8 out of 10 from AV Forums.

Strong points for the AE101 were: Refined but accurate sound - Well built - Competitively priced. The main negatives are: Slightly lacklustre finish choice - Won't flatter poorer equipment - Need some power to deliver their best. AV Forums summarises the AE101 as "A comprehensive budget speaker group test is not the enormous spectacle that it once was but there is still no real shortage of speakers available at this price point. The technology has broadened the materials available and how you can use them but for the most part, the major brands are fighting it out by making micro adjustments to the same basic formula. The market remains tough. As such, there is no shortage of competition for the AE101 but the little Acoustic Energy really holds its own.".

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