Review - Acoustic Energy AE 301 Speakers By Audio Appraisal

Review - Acoustic Energy (AE) - 3 Series

Acoustic Energy (AE) - 3 Series

Review - Acoustic Energy AE 301 Speakers By Audio Appraisal
T he AE 301 speakers are reviewed by Audio Appraisal. The Acoustic Energy 301 standmount speakers are the first model in the AE 3-Series launched in 2012 and retail at £425. Audio Appraisal give the 301s the thumbs up with a conclusion of :-

If you favour accuracy and detail above all else, plus the rest of your system is up to scratch, the AE301s may well be the speakers for you. Keep in mind that a high-powered, warm-sounding amplifier is a must to keep that top end in check. They’ll work well in the confines of a small room, and aren’t fussy with regards positioning. Worth an audition.

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