Review - AKG Y40 Headphones By What Hi-Fi

Review - AKG Y Series

AKG Y Series

Review - AKG Y40 Headphones By What Hi-Fi
W hat Hi-Fi gives the Y40 Headphones from AKG the once over in a new review. In summary What Hi-Fi believes that the Y40 merits just 3 stars.

The main positives are: Punchy, upbeat rhythm - Decent amount of detail - Sturdy build - Foldable and easily portable. Key weaknesses were seen as: Rolled-off treble - Overblown bass - Ear cups are not the most comfortable. In summary, What Hi-Fi says "Unbalanced, unrefined performance these aren't the AKGs we're used to".

What Hi-Fi particularly liked the next model up the Y50s so this review is a bit of a surprise? You can read more of the surprise What Hi-Fi - AKG Y40 Headphones review via the first link below.

We at HiFi Enthusiast have more on all the latest from AKG, including the Y series of headphones, via the second link below:-

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