Review - AKG N90Q Headphones By Trusted Reviews

Review - AKG N90


Review - AKG N90Q Headphones By Trusted Reviews
A new review of the N90Q - Wireless headphones with Active Noise Cancellation (or ANC) - from AKG by Trusted Reviews. The N90Q's price at the time of the review was £1,299.00. The venerable Headphones reviewer Trusted Reviews has given the N90Q 9 out of 10.

■ Strong points for the N90Q were: Fantastic sound quality - Innovative TrueNote technology really works - Excellent noise cancellation.

■ The main negatives are: Too big and bulky to wear outside the house - Have to be powered to work.

Trusted Reviews sums the N90Q up as "While I wouldn't wear them outside the house, the AKG N90Q are pricey headphones that sound fantastic thanks to some cutting-edge tech.".

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