Quad Reveal The Artera Link Streamer

Review - Quad Artera Link

Quad Artera Link

Quad Reveal The Artera Link Streamer
T he Quad Artera Link is the second streamer in the Quad Artera range after the first the Artera One. Quad Artera Link is a streamer / DAC / Preamp and CD player, while the Artera One offers the same features, with additional built in amplification and airplay connection.

With added connections and streaming options in Artera Link And Artera One, users can access a wealth of music, including over 1000 radio stations via vTuner, NAS drive, Spotify Connect, your favourite tracks on your iPhone or iPad and more. Combined with a classic approach to Quad topology, users can now experience a life-like performance, now on the most up-to-date streaming and audio file platforms.

After a preview at Sound And Vision - The Bristol Show 2016, the Quad Artera Link and Artera One will be on display at the Munich High End HiFi Show 2016, demonstrated by IAG.

To add to the 80th anniversary festivities, Quad will also be launching limited edition Champagne Gold finishes of the full series, on show for the first time at the Munich High End HiFi Show 2016.

The picture shows the Quad Artera Link in Champagne Gold.


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