Porsche Design and KEF Introduce SPACE ONE WIRELESS, MOTION ONE and GRAVITY ONE Black Editions

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KEF Space One Wireless

Porsche Design and KEF Introduce SPACE ONE WIRELESS, MOTION ONE and GRAVITY ONE Black Editions
K EF, and exclusive lifestyle brand, Porsche Design have expanded their range of Red Dot award-winning products to include new sleek Black Editions of the SPACE ONE WIRELESS Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, MOTION ONE Bluetooth® Earphones and GRAVITY ONE Bluetooth® Speaker. These new additions provide effortless convenience, and new style choices for Hi-Fi sound-seeking, style-conscious consumers.


SPACE ONE WIRELESS Black is a Bluetooth wireless equipped alternative to the Red Dot Best of the Best award winning SPACE ONE headphones. Its elegant black finish matches well with today’s finest fashion, creating an exquisite yet contemporary style. Rich blue elements underline the iconic design of SPACE ONE WIRELESS while also reflecting the technical approach taken in their functional design.

Bluetooth® Qualcomm® aptX™ connectivity provides convenient access to CD-like sound, and advanced Active Noise Cancelling technologies simultaneously mute external noise while maintaining the delicate detail of original recordings. 40mm full range drivers, large 20mm neodymium magnets, and a lightweight CCAW voice coil ensure crisp, spacious and dynamic sound.

Enjoy up to 30-hours of use with Active Noise Cancellation, and Bluetooth switched on. Use the provided microphone-equipped audio cable for high-resolution audio, continuous listening without battery power, and making/receiving calls. Clear voice-capture technology amplifies the voice while suppressing ambient sound, keeping every spoken word clear.


Porsche Design and KEF are introducing svelte matt Black Editions of its Red Dot Award winning MOTION ONE Bluetooth Earphones and GRAVITY ONE Bluetooth Speaker. The minimal styling of the Black Edition MOTION ONE in-ear headphones allows them to match any outfit, while the seamless aluminium housing of the GRAVITY ONE exudes quality and finesse. The new additions to Porsche Design Sound range provide discerning listeners with headphones and a speaker that meet their demand for sound quality and their desire for elegant, sophisticated design.

■ Prices: SPACE ONE WIRELESS Black: £349.00 MOTION ONE Black: £219.95 GRAVITY ONE Black: £329.95

■ Availability: 2nd May 2018


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